Welcome to my public independent learning critical research journal, crafted specifically for fellow academics who share a passion for interdisciplinary exploration. Within the pages of this journal, we will delve into the realms of photography, psychogeography, affect and emotional theory, drawing upon my extensive experience as a commercial photographer with over 30 years of practice and a successful completion of a Master of Art in Photography.

Throughout my career, I have traversed diverse landscapes, both physical and conceptual, honing my skills and cultivating a deep understanding of the power and potential of visual storytelling. As an experienced commercial photographer, witnessing firsthand how images can evoke profound emotions, challenge societal norms, and shape our perceptions of the world.

This journal serves as a platform for me to share my public insights, reflections, and critical research findings, inviting fellow academics to embark on a transformative intellectual journey.

Photography, as a medium, possesses a unique ability to capture moments frozen in time, preserving the essence of an experience and stimulating a range of emotional responses. By wielding the camera lens as a tool of observation and expression, I aim to explore the intricacies of human emotion, delve into the complexities of the psyche, and unravel the mysteries of our collective consciousness. This journal will delve into the various techniques, theories, and practices that can inform the creation of emotionally resonant photographs.

Psychogeography, a field that combines psychology and geography, provides a fascinating lens through which we can examine the relationship between our environment and our emotions. By immersing ourselves in the hidden narratives of urban spaces and natural landscapes, we uncover hidden layers of meaning, unearthing the impact of our surroundings on our mental and emotional states. In this journal, we will explore psychogeographic concepts and methodologies, analysing how they intersect with photography and shape our understanding of affective landscapes and topography.

Central to our exploration is the realm of affect and emotional theory, which examines the ways in which emotions are experienced, expressed, and understood. We will delve into the theoretical frameworks and scholarly discourse surrounding affect studies, investigating how emotions influence our perception of photographs and contribute to the creation of visual narratives. By engaging with affective theory, we can unravel the intricate interplay between images, emotions, and the human experience.

As an experienced commercial photographer, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge to our discussions. Over the course of my career, I have collaborated with diverse clients, navigated various creative challenges, and pushed the boundaries of visual storytelling. By drawing upon these experiences, I will provide insights into the intersection of theory and practice, enriching our exploration of photography, psychogeography, and affective theory with real-world applications and industry perspectives.

I invite you to embark on this journey of intellectual discovery, as we navigate the vast terrains of photography, psychogeography, affect, and emotional theory. Together, we can unravel the intricate connections between image and emotion, harnessing the transformative power of visual storytelling to deepen our understanding of the human condition and challenge existing paradigms. Let this public research journal serve as a catalyst for meaningful discourse, encouraging critical thinking and fostering collaborative exploration in pursuit of new insights and perspectives.

Today I share thoughts as a Guest Speaker at Universities, Colleges, and Camera clubs.

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